Suggest references automatically

Access the best content and customer references to match the sales opportunity

Boulder Logic’s CRM add-in Suggested References automatically analyzes the sales opportunity for attributes like industry, product, job title and opportunity stage. It uses this analysis to make proactive recommendations about the right content and live references to help close the deal more quickly.


Customer references and content suggested based on prospect’s industry, geography and more

  • Easy for sales

Sales people don’t need to leave their CRM opportunity and open a new window, and no additional tagging is needed. Salesforce users are presented with the-best available customer references matched to particular selling situation and stage in the sales cycle.  Users simply click to make live requests or download materials. And clicking “Find More” invites them to explore further.

  • Fully configurable

You can decide to display either content or references or both. You can even tune the search algorithm specifically to your business. And there is no need to apply special tagging to your content or references; everything works based on simple mapping rules.

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