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How are customer references used?

While many think of references only as a tool for their sales team, customer references are valuable across your organization.

Who are my key stakeholders and why are they important?

Customer references are valuable to many groups in your organization. Typical stakeholders include marketing and sales leadership, sales operations and PR and IR contacts. In order to build a successful program, best practices suggest that you involve all of these groups from the start to determine program objectives and key metrics. Bringing everyone in aligns the organization for success and will prevent possible derailments down the road.

How is Boulder Logic different from my CRM tool?

Boulder Logic is specialized for managing a specific subset of your customer data related to a successful customer reference program. Boulder Logic allows you to isolate your customer references, putting their value at your fingertips, and provides customized workflows specific to your reference management activities. Boulder Logic complements traditional CRM functionality and can be english essays on picnic tools.

What are the advantages of Boulder Logic versus a custom developed application?

Whether you have internal IT resources or are considering the services of a third-party development shop, consider the advantages of “out of the box” software like Boulder Logic. With our pre-built solution, deforestation term papers and cost effective. You can quickly customize to your specifications and deploy to a small group or thousands – today. The Boulder Logic solution is designed for multiple customers, meaning you benefit from collective wisdom and best practices you might not have considered. Also, the economics of a multi-customer solution mean that more resources can be applied to do the job right and that future enhancements come as part of the price. When you build it yourself, you pay (and wait) for each and every modification.

essay child labour wordsTechnical questions

What are the advantages of an on-demand (hosted) application?

Our akbar great essay provides advantages that aren’t available in a local installation including:

How much flexibility do I have to configure the application to my business?

Every business is different and at Boulder Logic one of our strengths is our flexibility. Our system allows you to completely adjust the configuration of your application with no IT involvement. You can add fields, change dropdown lists, adjust search rules, change access levels, set up sophisticated field relationships and modify policies for how references are managed all from our easy to use interface.

How can I be sure my data is secure?

The security of your data is a top priority. Boulder Logic is committed to an enterprise security infrastructure consistent with industry standards based on requirements defined in ISO1779. Our hosting provider is in a Tier 1, SAS-70 certified datacenter. Our infrastructure and policies have been vetted by third-party experts and our customers’ IT organizations – including some of the world’s most security-conscious technology firms.

Do I own my own data?

Absolutely. We provide the infrastructure and tools to make your program a success, but everything in the database remains your corporate property for use only by those you authorize.

How long does it take to get up and running?

We can have your application available right away. We then help you through the steps to customize your configuration and support you to ensure a successful rollout. Our typical initial essay lost kitchen, allowing for a rapid return on investment.

Can I set up single sign-on for my users?

Yes. We have a standard approach to single sign-on (SSO) that allows users to securely access our system without having to maintain a separate username and password. This approach can be adapted to a variety of different corporate identity management and directory systems.

Do you integrate with other applications?

Yes. We typically integrate with existing CRM or content management systems. We also offer Web APIs that give you a secure, standards based method for accessing information programmatically.

Can I import my existing data?

We can easily accept data for import from spreadsheets or an existing database. We are happy to walk you step-by-step through the import process, allowing you to specify how your data will be organized once it is imported.

Can I get my data out of the system?

Absolutely. All our reports can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel. We can also set up the system to transfer data to you in a batch at any time.

angry men opinion essayGetting started questions

What is the process for deploying Boulder Logic within my organization?

Boulder Logic uses a flexible, requirements-driven, implementation methodology that scales from workgroup to enterprise environments. Our approach can accommodate an entire range of options from “big-bang” to “pilot project” and “fast follower” rollouts. We offer an array of services that promote client self-sufficiency and provide cost-effective utilization of resources. A criminal justice paper research might include:

Once your system is live, Boulder Logic will continue to work with you to ensure program adoption and success.

Do you offer custom development services?

In most cases, clients find that our customer reference application meets their needs without custom development. When unique requirements arise, we do offer professional services to create client specific custom extensions. We have a well-established process for helping clients with gathering requirements, prototyping, development and user acceptance testing.

What type of training do you provide?

Effective training is essential to successful adoption of your program. We’ve refined a curriculum that can enable you to easily train others in your organization. We also provide the option to customize our training materials to your specific business processes.

How should I introduce this concept to my organization?

We’ve worked with growing businesses and large enterprises in every stage of program maturity. We are happy to share our expertise in the customer reference domain as well as key benefits with your stakeholders. We can also help you identify your ideal requirements and even provide information to help you prepare a comparison constrast essay.

More Questions?