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Program execution

There are times that you just need a few more arms and legs. Ours come with a head for customer reference management, allowing them to hit the ground running. Our consultants are available on a full-time, part-time or project basis to get the job done right.

Example services Include:


Content development

Whether you need a creative approach to traditional case studies or you are interested in video and social media, we create compelling campaigns and content so your customer stories get heard.

Example services Include:

NetApp Quote“The Boulder Logic team has delivered tremendous value. We have leveraged their expertise to help us streamline our processes, more effectively leverage capabilities available in the Reference Manager tool, and improve our alignment with Salesforce and other corporate tools..”

—Sheila Huber, NetApp

Find out Best Practices

Tips and insights for starting a new customer reference program or taking your program to the next level.

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Download the Success Kit

Download our Success Kit today and learn how to begin building a best-in-class customer reference program.

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