Our customer reference features

Our feature set was designed to simplify how everything comes together in a successful customer reference program.


Customer profiles

A complete record of your customers’ success

The database is built to capture customer references, so we allow you to build a company record with a hierarchy of different stories from multiple groups, each with their own contacts, products, and the benefits they’ve achieved.

  • Complete activity history tracking
  • Fully customizable fields and lists
  • Role-based access control
  • Field synchronization with CRM




Simple for anyone to suggest a potential candidate for your program

New nominations are routed into shared queue for marketing to review, before being added to the program. And we make it easy to recognize your contributors and build your portfolio together.

  • Tailor the nomination for different audiences
  • Connect directly to your CRM



Best match

The fastest way to find the ideal customer reference

Our intelligent search takes your ideal criteria, finds the best available customers and ranks them for you. We can even tune the search algorithm specifically to your business.

  • Full text indexing, including inside attachments
  • Automated notices about newly added references
  • Saved searches accessible from your home page



Suggested references

Get automated reference suggestions without leaving your opportunity

Boulder Logic’s suggested references automatically analyzes the sales opportunity for attributes like industry, product, job title and opportunity stage. It then offers reference suggestions based on these attributes.

  • Easy for sales
  • Fully configurable
  • Compatible with all levels of Salesforce




Great looking landing pages that track and analyze your visitors’ activity

Use personalized microsites to share content, instead of just downloading and emailing attachments. We’ll notify you when visitors arrive at the page and even track what they open.

  • Full branding options
  • Multiple templates
  • Automatic visitor reports



Traffic control

Simple “traffic” signals prevent customers from overuse or underuse

Set usage thresholds that automatically control when and who can make additional requests of your customers. Remove customer entirely or limit their activity until they are ready to participate again.

  • Rules to highlight underused customers
  • Groupings for simplified preference management



Request workflow

Best-in class customer reference request automation

Anyone can enter a request, which can then be routed, to a program manager or directly to the relationship owner. Escalation notices are also available to ensure a timely response.

  • Flexible routing rules
  • Designed for simplicity
  • Send cc: notices to additional stakeholders


Closed-loop tracking

Confirming activities occurred, and scoring the results

An email to collect feedback on completed activities is sent automatically to the requestor, collecting a rating of its quality.

  • No login required to capture the rating
  • Easy reporting on overall ratings



Reward points

Special perks available only to members of your program

Each activity type has a value, allowing you to score and reward customers’ participation. Track lifetime points, year to date and current balance.

  • Create debits for point redemption
  • Export point balances in your newsletter



Update surveys

The simple way to get complete and updated customer information

Identify just the fields that need to be updated and send a targeted survey that populates your customer reference database directly.

  • Limit outreach to missing fields
  • Confirm updates with one click



Dashboard reports

Metrics on portfolio, activity and ROI

Pick from pre-defined reports, or create your own using a simple wizard on dimensions that include requests, nominations, your reference portfolio, revenue impact and much more.

  • Subscriptions send out reports automatically
  • Export everything directly to Excel
  • Graphical reports and dashboards



Shared tasks

Tracking and collaboration from start to finish

Create your own to do list, or assign tasks to others. We even provide options for consolidated status reports from multiple vendors.

  • Template for common tasks
  • Predefine project approvers
  • Email triggered for new assignments



Certified by salesforce.com, top rated on AppExchange

We offer a combination of API and packaged integration options, including our top rated, Salesforce CRM package that consistently passes all AppExchange Partner review.

  • Single Sign-on
  • Real-time field synchronization
  • Automatic account ownership updates
  • Integrated dashboards




Access customer references and content anywhere, anytime

Full-featured mobile app for your customer reference program allows for customer reference searches, name-drops lists, case studies, video and live requests to be shared on the go.

  • Fully integrated with salesforce.com
  • Cross platform and multiple device



Data upload

Fastest and most cost effective options for mass data loading

Predefined templates for creating and updating records in bulk, making it easy to migrate your existing data and keep the database complete

  • Processing completed within minutes
  • Automated error reports




Most flexible and comprehensive configurations options to fit your business

A robust administrative panel allows you to make changes easily at any time. Readily available options for everything from adding new fields to managing workflow rules.

  • No technical skills required

"Boulder Logic is great to work with. They keep adding new capabilities that allow me to expand our program."

—Karen Newman, Siemens

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