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Everything your Salesforce administrator will want

The installation of our AppExchange package is a breeze. Set-up takes as little as one hour and ongoing involvement is extremely limited. Boulder Logic is here to provide you best-in-industry customer reference management capabilities, without adding another burden to your IT department. Give us a call so we can provide your team the answers to any of their questions about Boulder Logic.

Using Oracle CRM On Demand?

Boulder Logic is fully integrated with Oracle CRM On Demand. Please age america essay gilded modern origin for further details. Using Oracle Sales Cloud? This is an integration that has been specified in collaboration with the Oracle Sales Cloud team but is yet to be fully developed. If you’re an Oracle Sales Cloud customer and are interested in Boulder Logic then application phd cover letter and we can talk about full integration.

Saleforce integration with Boulder Logic: FAQ

do my admission essay be double or single spaced

Now Integrated With CRM On Demand

Oracle Integration