• One of my tactics is to keep a file of positive comments as the customer makes them. This can happen any time in a sales cycle or during post-sales training. Customers are in feedback mode during these times and are comfortable talking about the product. If I hear a really strong recommendation or an enthusiastic comment, I write it down. I write the name of the person, date and time the comment was made. The problem with getting customers to contribute is that they often don't know what to say or how to say it. If you can assure them that they've already said it, then they're usually happy to have their comment published. When it's time to ask for quotes, it's really helpful to pull out a collection of comments that have already been made. If you have many documented comments from several different people, the process comes down to selecting the best one(s). This method works best if your sale people, pre-sales, post-sales and customer support staff are all in the mode of recording customer quotes.

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