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Discursive essay on dieting - Best medical school application essays

  • Discursive essay on dieting - Best medical school application essays

    Great insight! Would love to know more about how you implement this for each new customer, especially for companies with thousands of new customers annually? Or would you set parameters for customers of a certain size?

  • essay child labour words on said:

    Hi Sean, Thanks for your comment/question! Ideally, this process would be with all new customers, and really should not take much of the rep's or customer's time. So the benchmarking questionnaire would need to be short - 5-7 key benchmark areas maybe. It has to be a regular step in the new customer ramp-up. There's value well beyond the reference and marketing teams. If you ID that a customer is not seeing results at a specific timeframe, then it's an opportunity to proactively step in and ensure a positive customer experience. But if it's not realistic to do so with all, then yes, it makes sense to select a segment of customers where you will benchmark - all those of a certain account value. Or, assess on the types of customers that you need for reference/case study purposes (by size, industry, type of solution, etc). I hope that helps. Casey

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