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Boulder Logic integrates with Gainsight

Boulder Logic, the world’s leading provider of customer reference management solutions, and Gainsight, the leading Customer Success solution, recently announced an integration as part of Boulder Logic’s participation in Gainsight’s Connect platform.

The integration of the two solutions now means that customer reference activity can be brought to bear on the data models used by Gainsight to reduce churn, increase upsell and drive adoption.

Sample screen shots follow beginning with the Scorecard section of Gainsight which now adds reference activity as a component of the 360 degree view of the customer.

Gainsight Scorecard

The Scorecard data on reference activity is derived from typical reference activity such as:

360_View___salesforce_com_-_Enterprise_Edition 4

360_View___salesforce_com_-_Enterprise_Edition 3


If you would like more information on the integration please contact us. For more information on the announcement, click here.


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