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application phd cover letter david foster wallace essay - Cybersecurity and customer references No matter what product or service you offer, your happy customers are your biggest asset. Beyond the revenue, happy customers can also be instrumental in being advocates for your company and its offerings. However, it’s not the same for every industry. Most B2B companies—assuming they have […]
do my admission essay be double or single spaced condorcet essay on the application - Healthcare: The increasing push for technology adaptation The healthcare industry has been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies, but increasing regulations and new policies are changing this. Providers focusing on the October 1st, 2015 deadline for ICD-10 for HIPAA facilities, or the latest in PQRS requirements, or hospitals working on […]
english essays on picnic deforestation term papers - What does a customer reference management job entail? Customer reference management is certainly not a new business concept, but until recently, it wasn’t common to see companies recruiting specifically for the role of customer reference management. So, what would a job description of a customer reference management role entail? Like […]
essay child labour words akbar great essay - Twenty years ago, as a field sales person for Cadence Design Systems, I sat in a Munich airport hotel meeting room waiting for the start of a two-day training course designed, as far as I was concerned, to keep me out the field and make “beating quota” even harder. And […]
essay lost kitchen angry men opinion essay - Like your financial advisor tells you – diversify, diversify, diversify. The same holds true for your customer reference portfolio. As you design your customer reference program, remember to keep it balanced. Often we become so focused on one piece or another — we forget the big picture. We spend time […]
criminal justice paper research comparison constrast essay - If you didn’t catch it this week, I wanted to point out Garter Analyst, Lydia Leong’s post on how to give a good analyst reference.  It’s not the big, marquee names that analysts require, it’s an entirely reasonable list of expectations that include: Able to speak positively about your company […]
can you help me with my essay - Set expectations, cultivate a partnership, and expand the relationship How Do I Get Customers To Do Customer Reference Activities? There is not one, easy answer to this question. What works best will vary from one customer to the next and according to your company’s attitude or policy towards customer references. […]
brazil essay conclusion - Today’s post is written by Barbara Krasner.  Barbara has extensive customer marketing experience, she is also a professor and an award-winning writer and speaker.  Barbara is a pro when it comes customer reference management and today she provides us with some insight on the importance of keeping our reference portfolios […]
boy in the striped pajamas essay - You’ve worked hard to build a strong portfolio of reference customers you are proud of. You’ve spent a significant amount of time and effort identifying the best high impact customers for your program and successfully wooed them into your program. Now that they’ve agreed, your work is not done – […]
critique of a research paper on health economics - Boulder Logic and Big Sky are collaborating with Lisa Hanna of Adobe on a workshop at the Summit for Customer Engagement in San Mateo today. It’s all about getting started! You can find a copy of our presentation and our take-away materials here.
best online term paper - No two customer reference programs are created equal.  Each is defined by the type of business and the customers served.  Let go of expectations.  Spend some extra time to understand your customer’s needs and where they spend their time, marry that with your unique knowledge of your own business, and you […]
college essays about science - We were super excited when our good friend Kerri Shea Beers agreed to write a guest post for us. Kerri really understands the value of customer references, has a ton of high tech experience, owns her own firm called Monarch Communications, and is an award winning writer to boot. Enjoy! If you are […]
essay about poverty in south africa - We are joined today by Celia Brown, a Marketing Program Manager and Social Media and Community Professional at Dell Boomi.  Celia was responsible for defining customer reference and social media strategies for Boomi before their acquisition by Dell in 2010, and she continues to help evolve these important programs. Why […]
baz luhrmann and franco zeffirelli essay - Clearly we believe a proactive approach is the way to go.  Yet so many companies out there continue to struggle with the reactive approach to customer reference management.  Waiting for reference requests to come in before seeking out customers to speak with works occasionally.  However, we are certain that in […]
descriptive essay using the five senses - Testimonials from customers make the difference. This post explores how we've seen the impact of customer references get measured.
antithesis metal band - Another important point on the checklist for running a successful customer reference program is working effectively with others that are interacting with customers. When ramping up any customer reference program, interacting with other internal teams and programs across your organization is essential. Failure to do this can result in a disjointed […]
best dave barry essays - If you are involved in coordinating phone calls with reference customers, you are doing a disservice to everyone involved if you aren’t doing a little work to help prepare your customer for the questions they might receive. One approach we’ve seen used successfully is a Customer Reference FAQ document that can be […]
blame obesity essay - I love what I do as a reference professional because I know the value in it. It is a discipline that is coming into its own in the public’s eye and I’m proud to be at the fore front of it. Because it is still fairly young, I get a lot of questions about how […]
dissertation proposals for law - In this economic downturn our budgets are shrinking and we are all trying to stretch each dollar. It seems that all this really takes is a little creativity, a few hours, and a very small budget. Today’s post is written by Anika Lehde of Projectline. Anika gives us some really simple (and inexpensive!) ideas on how […]

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