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application phd cover letter david foster wallace essay - We believe in and promote the value of efficiency. Be efficient in any work you do and you are guaranteed to go farther, faster. There are many benefits to a well defined customer reference program.  Whether your program is managed with spreadsheets or has the advantage of a technology platform, one […]
do my admission essay be double or single spaced condorcet essay on the application - In customer reference management, quality vs. quantity is the key to success When you are building a customer reference program, it is easy to be sucked into the fallacy that more is better when it comes to building your reference customer base. You or your manager may have a goal […]
english essays on picnic deforestation term papers - Customer reference management is integral to increasing an organization’s ability to engage customer advocates in helping close more leads. And, while marketing and customer relationship folks are quick to understand and absorb the benefits of employing a customer reference management system, sales folks may not immediately understand or even see […]
essay child labour words akbar great essay - As your customer reference program matures, you will begin to notice that your sales team has different needs for different prospects. Company size, industry and where the prospect is in the buying cycle determines what type of references your program needs to provide. A simplified picture of a buying cycle […]
essay lost kitchen angry men opinion essay - Used correctly, reference assets such as customer quotes, customer stories and audio/video interviews are invaluable in building trust and mitigating the risk for prospects looking to procure your products/services. Yet how often do you see those assets buried somewhere on a website with a one-dimensional search capability? And whose job […]
criminal justice paper research comparison constrast essay - Increasing Sales Velocity by Making Customer References a Competitive Advantage One of my favorite quotes on selling techniques was from Jeff Mask of Infusionsoft who said: “people buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell”. Set that next to a great data point from […]
can you help me with my essay - The value of using customer references as part of the sales cycle is well understood. By way of example, the 2012 customer survey by Boulder Logic revealed that the top 10% of salespeople used customer references as part of their sales cycle twice as often as the lower performing salespeople. […]
brazil essay conclusion - Boulder Logic recently hosted a joint webinar with the ICRPC titled – “Best Practices and Cultural Differences in Global Customer Reference Management”.  We know this is a topic that is gaining considerable attention and we wanted provide a few highlights from the webinar here and then invite you to check […]
boy in the striped pajamas essay - It’s important to keep your library of reference customers fresh…..that’s obvious, right?  But if you struggle with this and feel like your pool of reference customers just isn’t deep enough then you might want to check out these three simple tips that will help get you thinking.  You’ll see that […]
critique of a research paper on health economics - For folks considering ways to expand their customer reference program, check out the new article by Heather Watkins on the Modern B2B Marketing blog. Marketo is a Boulder Logic client doing exciting work in their customer reference, community and advocacy programs. Heather outlines her step-by-step approach for creating their Marketo […]
best online term paper - We recently spent some time with Chris Bergman, Program Manager and Database Administration Manager at Avaya.  Chris helps to manage the Avaya Customer Gallery, Avaya’s global customer reference program started over ten years ago.  She shares with us how the program has evolved into a succesful, fully functioning self service […]
college essays about science - It’s not enough to measure – you need to prove the value of your program Measurement is a fundamental ingredient to success for your customer reference program. Marketing and sales leadership need to be able to quantify the impact references have on closing sales and moving deals through the pipeline. […]
essay about poverty in south africa - As technology moves us forward, our world gets smaller and we are able to forge relationships with people in different parts of the world like never before.  As we continue on this path, and work ever closer with our customers in different regions, one element that will be essential to […]
baz luhrmann and franco zeffirelli essay - Getting executive support will set the tone for a successful customer reference program  Recently someone posed this question: “We have a customer reference program but it just isn’t getting enough traction.  How do I spur it into action?”  Unfortunately this is a pretty common sentiment, so let’s take a few […]
descriptive essay using the five senses - We spend most of our time here talking about the relationship between customer references and the sales team.  We all know that a happy customer willing to give a reference is a sales rep’s best friend.  However, there are a few others in your company vying for the affections of […]
antithesis metal band - With every New Year comes renewed energy, sales and marketing objectives, and of course, budgets.  If one of your goals is to create or enhance a customer reference program it will be critical to demonstrate why precious dollars should be allocated to this effort rather than some other sales or […]
best dave barry essays - We recently had a chance to sit down with some seasoned Customer Reference Program executives to discuss what it’s like to run large scale enterprise customer reference programs.  Eileen D’Ippolito from Citrix and Siemens’ Karen Newman have both been working in this space for a long time and understand the challenges and […]
blame obesity essay - The next item on our customer reference program checklist is critical. I can’t emphasize this one enough. You must define your metrics so you that you can measure against your goals, show value and demonstrate success. Even if you have not been asked to define your metrics, understand that you […]
dissertation proposals for law - The next point to consider on our checklist for building a successful customer reference program is whether you are doing enough customer reference marketing internally. By internal marketing, we mean communicating with management and your fellow employees to establish awareness and understanding about your program. Since marketing professionals typically drive […]

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