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“We use references in at least 75% of our enterprise deals and can save our reps at least five hours per sales cycle by having references available for them. That time gets put back into more productive selling activities. It’s time and money.”
– Karen Newman, Director of Global Customer Advocacy and Marketing Communications for Siemens
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“After researching our options, we selected a Customer Reference Management solution from Boulder Logic. The software gave us the tools we needed to facilitate reference requests, live discussions, and encourage future interactions. It was hosted and integrated with salesforce.com, which we already used for CRM.”
– John Chattaway, Marketing Communications Specialist, Rackspace Hosting
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Director, Abby Atkinson, pioneered the Infor Ambassador Reference Program using Boulder Logic Reference Manager. In the first two years of its inception, Atkinson projected the program has influenced millions in new sales deals and has saved Infor hundreds of thousands of dollars. When cuts to her program budget were requested at Infor, she was able to use metrics collected to show an ROI so compelling that her budget was actually increased by over 60%. Her ROI formulas and program metrics are provided in her story.
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“The process improvement, visibility and ability to execute on our program in a more efficient manner has really been key to our success,” said Ketter. “ We couldn’t do our jobs without it; that’s the bottom line. Prior to implementing Boulder Logic there were too many moving pieces and trying to track everything via spreadsheets was really inefficient, plus it made for poor visibility into customer reference activity across the team. Boulder Logic has really made a difference in our program; I can’t imagine our lives now without it.”
Mary Ketter, Manager of the Global Customer Marketing Team, JDA
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“From the start Boulder Logic was told that we had two instances of Salesforce that were going to be merged in coming months. The team was able to make a really complex implementation easy. For that reason alone, going with Boulder Logic was a no-brainer.”
-Lionel Tran, Product Marketing Manager at ShoreTel
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“Since introducing the iCARE Advocates Program, we’ve increased our advocates’ involvement in sales opportunities while reducing the average time it takes to fill a request to one day or less, all while seeing a 210% increase in total requests per year since implementing Boulder Logic.”
-Erin Smith, Supervisor, Customer Marketing at iCIMS
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“The insight we now have by using Boulder Logic has had a tremendous impact on our ability to quickly and accurately locate good references. Our sales reps now use Boulder Logic, in conjunction with Salesforce, to easily find references via, products used, products converted from, location and company size.”
-Amy Smith, Marketing Program Manager, Vertafore
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